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REX RX-518 Portable Blind Stich Machine Review

REX RX-518 Portable Blind Stich Machine

Blind hemming with a conventional sewing machine can be tricky because it requires a great deal of skill. Yet, many tailors resort to doing this by hand in order to sew blind stitches that are more difficult to see. The only problem of blind hemming manually is that it can be time consuming and tedious.

Thanks to special purpose blind hemming machines, it's now possible to save time and produce accurate stitches on skirt hems, neckbands, sleeves, knitted materials, and draperies. The REX RX-518 Portable Blind Stich Machine appears to be one of the more capable models on the market that can help you achieve these goals. Take a few minutes to read this review to find out what features, strengths and weakness to expect from it by reading this review.

Powered by Blind Hemming Technology

The REX RX-518 primarily performs the blind hem, a chain type of stitch that's visible only on one side designed to prevent fabric from unraveling. It creates the blind stitch as the needle moves from side rather than up and down like a conventional sewing machine would. Hemmers are the only machines that produce the blind stitch in this manner.

Additionally, there's only one thread needed to create the chain stitch, so this does away with the need for a bobbin. The machine has two oblong discs running lengthwise, which allow you to feed fabric much like you would with feed dogs on a conventional sewing machine.

Creates Perfect Blind Hem Stitches

Industrial blind hemmers such as the REX RX-518 machine use curved needles. As the needles sweep from side to side, they grace the fabric very slightly in order to create a visible stitch on one side (the blind hemstitch). Usually, the blind stitch hides itself in the interior of the fabric, thus creating a less strong hemline. This maximizes the appeal of the chosen fabric without directing too much attention to the style of the tailoring.

This machine comes with a top mounted thread tension dial as well. So, you can make thread tension adjustments easily depending on the fabric type. In addition, the stitch length can be adjusted from 3-7mm.

REX RX-518 Review

Fast and Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Using the REX RX-518 blind stitch machine will save you a lot of time when it comes to blind hemming rather than doing this by hand. It can sew 1,200 stitches every minute, allowing you to make adjustments much faster than you would even with a standard sewing machine. Some users even say that this machine can blast out two feet of perfect blind-stitches in a couple of minutes. Therefore, it will be possible to complete work that used to take hours in just a few minutes.

Apart from high sewing speed, the REX RX-518 machine features a heavy-duty design. The machine is made of cast iron to ensure industrial-strength productivity. Not only does the metal interior reduce vibrations while sewing fabrics, but also makes the blind stitch machine quite durable.

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Swing Away Bed Plated For Extended Work Space

The REX RX-518 comes with an adjustable arm. When arranging fabric across the work surface, you can raise or lower the bed plate. The swinging arm extends the surface, allowing you to reach further and work with large garments that require more space than the available work area.

REX RX-518 Portable Blind Stich Machine Accessories

• The REX RX-518 blind hem stitch sewing machine

• Foot control

• Owner's operating manual

REX RX-518 Blind Stich Machine Review


The REX RX-518 Blind Stitch Sewing Machine measures 15.8 x 14 x 13 inches in size and weighs about 28 pounds.


• Powerful industrial grade blind hemmer

• Fast stitching speeds (1200 stitches per minute)

• Swinging arm helps to extend the work area

• Creates both skip and blind hem stitches

• Good and durable build quality

• Compact size allows for easy portability


• Manual is not easy to follow but you can always watch some YouTube videos to get an idea of how to operate the machine.

• The machine is not maintenance-free. You will need to oil it occasionally.

• The REX RX-518 is on the heavier side of portable blind stitch sewing machines, weighing in at about 28 lbs.

Consumer Ratings

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Buyers at various eCommerce websites have rated the REX RX-518 portable blind stich machine highly. The only major complaint is that it takes some time to get used to this machine because the manual is not user-friendly at all. But after watching a few YouTube videos, you'll get the hang of it. For the most part, buyers seem to agree that this blind hemmer is a good machine for the price and does exactly what it promises.

REX RX-518 Portable Blind Stich Machine Price

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Blind hemmers are standalone machines designed for a specific purpose. If you create a lot of blind hems on your garments, then the REX RX-518 is an excellent tool to have in your workshop sitting right next to the standard sewing machine and your overlocker. Overall, you'll get value for the price since this machine is portable, fast, durable, and provides a spacious work area to handle large fabrics.

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