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Michley SS-700 Review

Michley SS-700 Portable Desktop Sewing Machine

Are you looking for a good quality, portable sewing machine? Or perhaps you want a reliable machine with an affordable price tag? Well, whatever your sewing needs are, the Michley SS-700 Portable Desktop sewing machine would make a good choice.

Ideal for beginner and advanced sewers, this sewing machine is capable of supporting a wide range of sewing projects, ranging from mending clothes and making outfits, to creating an array of decorative home fabric items.

This review looks at everything that the Michley SS-700 has to offer so you’ll have all the information that’s required to make an informed purchasing decision.

Loaded with 12 Preset Stitches

Stitch patterns are the most used feature of a sewing machine and the Michley SS-700 offers you a range of options to choose from for your different sewing projects. The machine comes with 12 pre-set stitches which are displayed on the side of the sewing machine. Also found on the side of the sewing machine is a stitch dial that makes it easy to select whatever pattern you’re looking to sew. In addition, you can sew at the pace you’re comfortable with thanks to the 2-speed function of the machine.

Built-in LED Sewing Light

Whether you have sensitive eyes that are easily irritated or want a machine that enables you to sew in the dark, the Michley SS-700 is perfect for you. It features an in-built LED sewing light that illuminates your workspace. In addition to providing you with just the right amount of light to ensure optimum viewing, the LED light also lasts for a long time. Therefore, with this machine, you can sew in the dark for hours without having to worry about eyestrain or making errors on your fabric while sewing.

*Tip* You can also opt to get the beautiful Michley Sewing Basket with Sewing Kit when you make your purchase.

Michley Sewing Basket with Sewing Kit, 41-Piece

Forward and Reverse Sewing

The forward and reverse sewing function of the Michley SS-700 comes in handy when you’re sewing straight seams. With this function, you simply finish your forward sewing and then sew in reverse to reinforce the ends of seams. The result is a beautiful top quality seam that doesn’t come apart easily. Reverse sewing saves time as well since you don’t have to reposition fabric when adding a second straight seam.

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Bobbin Rewinder

The Michley SS-700 provides you with the added benefit of a bobbin rewinder. Thanks to this little handy part of the machine, you’ll be able to load your thread with ease and also maintain the same thread tension. The bobbin rewinder also prevents the needle from moving up and down while the bobbin is winding and ensures that the bobbin will stop loading once it’s full.

Built-In Thread Cutter

The Michley SS-700 sewing machine comes with an in-built thread cutter that makes it a whole lot easier for you to cut thread as you’re sewing. Although this automatic thread cutter is not a must have feature on sewing machines, it’s still a fairly useful feature that you’ll be grateful to have. It helps to add a great deal of convenience to your sewing experience while ensuring that you have an easy time when using the machine.

Michley SS-700 Portable Desktop Sewing Machine Accessories

• User manual

• Foot pedal

• Bobbin winder

• Bobbin instructional pamphlet

Michley Sewing Basket with Sewing Kit


The Michley SS-700 sewing machine measures 13 x 5.8 x 11.5 inches.


• Has an in-built thread cutter

• Does not operate noisily

• The machine is easy to transport

• Comes with easy to follow user instructions

• Comes with 2 straight-stitch needle positions that help you line up your stitches

• Loading your bobbin with thread is easy thanks to the bobbin winder

• The machine enables the sewing of sleeves


• Does not offer several sewing feet options

Consumer Ratings

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The Michley SS-700 Portable Desktop sewing machine appears to be a value-for-money machine. It's easy to use, works great, and offers a great deal of convenience. So, going by the various reviews users have left at forums and independent review sites, the Michley SS-700 would indeed make an ideal buy for anyone looking for simple yet effective sewing machine that will not disappoint.

Michley SS-700 Portable Desktop Sewing Machine Price

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If your heart is set on sewing, the Michley SS-700 sewing machine will enable you to live your passion to the fullest. Thanks to this machine’s versatility, you’ll be able to add colors and creativity to your projects as you enjoy the easy-to-use and convenient features of this portable sewing machine from Michley Electronics.

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