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Janome Magnolia 7360 Sewing Machine Review

Janome Magnolia 7360 Sewing Machine

If you're in the market for a sewing machine that can handle basic clothing and light decorative work, the Janome Magnolia 7360 Sewing Machine is one of the top models that's worth looking into. Although this machine is mostly designed for quilters, you can also use it to darn, mend clothing, construct garments, or for free-motion embroidery.

There are only two key differences between this machine and the next one down the series, the Magnolia 7330. Firstly, the Magnolia 7330 only has 30 built-in stitches and this 7360 one is pre-loaded with 60. Secondly, the newer Janome Magnolia 7360 comes with 8 one-step buttonhole styles while its predecessor only features 6.

Let's take a closer look at the Janome Magnolia 7360.

Push-button Controls for Easy Operation and Adjustments

The beauty of using this computerized sewing machine is that most functions can be controlled with just the press of a button. For instance, there are four easy navigation keys on the front side that facilitate quick stitch selection. The packaging includes a plastic chart with numbered stitch patterns printed on it, which can be placed on the machine for easy referencing. All you have to do when selecting stitches is scroll using the navigation keys until the corresponding number of your desired pattern from the chart appears on the LED screen.

Just below the display, you'll find two pairs of "plus" and "minus" buttons for adjusting stitch length and width. The maximum stitch length and width is 5mm and 7mm respectively. Separate buttons have been provided for lock stitching and reverse sewing. These allow you to create professionally finished seams that won't fray easily.

The speed control slider lets you choose a suitable sewing pace depending on your skill level or the task at hand. In addition, this sewing machine features a memorized needle up/down button, which leaves the needle in either of these two positions when you stop sewing. This feature comes in handy while pivoting around corners.

Lastly, there is a start/stop button that eliminates the need for a foot pedal, but a foot control has been provided for traditionalist sewers.

Create, Mend and Alter Garments with 60-Built in Stitches

If you like to experiment and invent new garment designs, you can get quite creative with the 60-built in stitches that this machine offers. The total stitch count also includes 8 one-step buttonhole styles, a collection of basic utility stitches, and several choices for decorative work. There's even a special serging stitch (pattern number 14) for finishing fabric edges. This addition will help you create professionally finished garments without the need for a separate overlocker sewing machine.

Furthermore, it's possible to create creative stitches that are not in the machine's library. All you need to do is lower the drop 7-piece feed dogs and embark on some free motion embroidery. By removing part of the base, you can use the free arm to sew hems, cuffs, and sleeves. The hollow base also serves as a compartment for storing most your accessories.

Finally, this machine comes with a built-in work light that will allow you to work with ease in dim conditions or on dark fabrics and it features a retractable carry handle.

Janome Magnolia 7360 Review

8 Snap on Accessory Feet

For added functionality, Janome’s Magnolia 7360 computerized sewing machine works with 8 snap on presser feet. With the included bonus package, you’ll get a walking foot and 1/4" foot. These add-on accessories can be parried with the quilting bar when sewing multiple layers of fabric. The Magnolia 7360 handles thick fabrics like denim with ease thanks to the additional clearance provided by the extra high presser foot lifter.

Other presser feet that come with this sewing machine include:

• Blind hem foot

• Satin stitch foot

• Zigzag foot

• Overcastting foot

• Automatic buttonhole foot

• Zipper foot

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Easy to Use Threading System

Most Janome sewing machines from the Magnolia series feature an easy to load drop-in bobbin and the 7360 is no exception. It has a see-through bobbin cover that lets you keep an eye on the thread supply. Additional features such as the automatic de-clutch bobbin winder, one-hand automatic needle threader, and the automatic thread tension control allow you to spend less time preparing the machine for sewing.

Janome Magnolia 7360 Sewing Machine Accessories

• 1 x Janome Magnolia 7360 Sewing Machine

• Pack of needles (assorted in 3 different sizes)

• Large and small spool holder

• Spool holder

• Spool Pin

• 3 x Bobbins

• Felt

• Screwdriver

• Hard cover

• Accessory feet – which include the Blind Hem foot G, 1/4 inch Seam Foot, Walking/ Even Feed Foot, R (automatic) Buttonhole Foot, (F) Satin Stitch Foot, Quilting Bar to use with walking foot and (E) Zipper foot.

• Power cord

• Plasticized stitch chart

• Instruction booklet

Janome Magnolia 7360 Sewing Machine


The Janome Magnolia 7360 Sewing Machine measures (W) 16.3 x (H) 11 x (D) 7.1 inches in size and weighs about 18.3 pounds.


• Lightweight machine with retractable hand for easy carrying

• Comes with a hard cover case

• Built in work light illuminates your work area

• Good variety of stitches (pre-loaded with up to five dozen patterns)

• Easy to use press button controls

• Memorized needle up/down

• Great for light to thick fabrics

• Versatile sewing machine with plenty of presser feet

• Excellent stitch quality


• Foot pressure adjustment cannot be tweaked

• Package does not come with an extension table, which is an essential for a quilting sewing machine such as this one

• No monogramming fonts or embroidery designs included in stitch patterns

• Despite being a computerized sewing machine, the Magnolia 7360 is not PC compatible. So, this means you cannot import additional stitch designs.

Consumer Ratings

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So far, customer ratings for the Janome Magnolia 7360 sewing machine appear to be quite positive. A few users loved the fact that this machine not only sews lightweight fabrics but also multiple layers of thick denim, and that it's also easy enough to carry to classes. Despite the drawbacks listed in the cons section of this review, most users seem to agree that the Janome Magnolia 7360 is a feature-rich, well-built, and excellent performing sewing machine.

Janome Magnolia 7360 Sewing Machine Price

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While some people might consider it expensive, the Magnolia 7360 is really worth the money when you consider its great performance and multiple useful features it provides. It may not be the best choice for people who want to do decorative embroidery work, but it’s a great machine for garment construction, mending, free-motion sewing, darning, and quilting.

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